Supermarket shop – Cost of living in Barcelona

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Cost of living in Barcelona might surprise you!

Traveling overseas and not knowing what hotels, food or activities  cost can make it a little difficult to plan how much money you’ll need even for a couple of days. There are a lot of articles out there saying the cost of living in Barcelona can be expensive so I was prepared for food not to be cheap.

Supermarket shop spain

 I did some research!

So on my last trip to to Spain I decided to spend some times walking though their local supermarkets or grocery stores. Although Barcelona can be expensive food is relatively cheap.

Come join me as I take you through a Barcelona supermarket and show you what things cost abroad.

*Exchange rates in this video are based on 12/1/2019
Price are an average cost when we compared a few similar items.

Watch my supermarket shop here (with prices)

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