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How to transit at Hong Kong International Airport

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Hong Kong International Airport
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Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport guide

Hong Kong International Airport is a popular and a large airport to transit in Asia. The modern airport connects to over 220 destinations around the world and has handled millions of passengers over the years.

Arriving at this airport may seem overwhelming because of its scale, so we’ll break down what you might expect while transiting at this airport.

Once you depart your initial flight, you will need to follow signs to the immigration and transfer desk. This will lead to the area where your carry-on luggage will be re-screened.

Depending on where your initial flight landed, you may need to get the airport rail.

Navigating the airport is very simple with easy-to-follow signage and airport staff readily available to help.

After you’ve had your baggage screened, you will be able to go to your departure gate for your connecting flight.

The modern airport has flight information screens throughout the airport with up-to-date information on gates, flight delays, and more.

While waiting for your flight, you can enjoy the many facilities the airport has to offer. This includes free WI-FI, water fountains, restrooms, shower facilities, currency exchange kiosk, and comfortable seating.

There is plenty of Duty-Free shopping or browsing available, including high-end retailers, such as Cattier and Chanel.

The airport has many restaurants and cafes throughout the airport with a variety of different cuisines to suit everyone’s taste.

If airport lounges are your preferences, Hong Kong International Airport has many pay-in and corporate lounges.

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Travel one oh one border
Hong Kong International Airport
Hong Kong International Airport

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