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How to Sleep at Airports

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sleep at airport
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how to sleep at airports

Long layover? You'll need this!

So, we guess you’re heading overseas very soon, and you have a long layover. As annoying as a long layover can be, there is a way to make your time at the airport a bit more comfortable by finding a safe and comfortable place to catch some sleep before your next flight.

As a budget traveller, I have spent a lot of time at airports and have flown quite a few back-to-back flights with long layovers to save some money, so I’ve learnt a few things along the way on how to sleep at airports.

Set up camp straight away!

There are more people than you that are in your situation, trying to get a spot to sleep because they have a long layover. So, the first thing you should do is scope out the airport, find a place, and mark your territory.

Dress for it

Unless your flight has been cancelled and this is an unfortunate long layover, you will generally know if you’re going to have a long layover and to be prepared for it. To ensure your layover is comfortable, you need to be prepared with suitable clothing. From previous experience, we highly recommend a warm jacket or a jumper with a hood. Airports are generally cooler because of the large windows.

Have snacks

Stores will close eventually at most airports, meaning no 2:00 am snacks or drinks unless you’re okay with vending machines’ food. We recommend googling the international airport you will be transiting at in order to see what time the stores close. This way, you can be prepared to stock up on snacks and drinks.

Keep your items safe

Bring something with you so you can somehow tie your items to you and keep them close.

Make sure you set an alarm

This one is probably pretty self-explanatory, but set an alarm on your phone, so you don’t miss your flight. Also, make sure your phone has the correct time on it.

Airport hotels

And if all else fails and you simply can’t and don’t want to sleep at the airport, find the airport hotel. Be prepared; it will most likely be pricey!

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Travel one oh one border
sleep at airport
sleep at airport

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