How to ensure you china transit visa get approved

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China Transit Visa
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China Transit Visa

Ensure your China Transit Visa actually gets approved!

I’m going to cover one of the topics we get emailed about a lot, and it’s the free China Transit Visa that you can get at the airport. This is only relevant if you are planning to leave the airport and explore the province you’ll be transiting in on the 24, 72 and 144 free China Transit Visa. Also, please be mindful that the laws on this visa can change quickly, so it’s important to always do your research.

Point 1

Make sure you have a Passport from an approved country. Now, not all countries are approved to apply for the free Transit Visa. Currently, there are only 53 countries on the approved list. I will link them in the description below.

Point 2

Make sure you have a minimum of 6 months left on your Passport to apply for the China Transit Visa. There are generally two sides to this, as a lot of people say you only need 3 months as well. I would just cover all basis and make sure you have 6 months at a minimum.

Point 3

Make sure you’re transiting no more than 24, 72, or 144 hours. If you’re planning on transiting, make sure you don’t book a flight longer than you’re allowed to stay. The time starts from when your flight lands at the airport in China to when your next flight is scheduled to depart.

Make sure your final destination is different from your departing destination, meaning you’re going to a 3rd country.

For example – Flying from USA to CHINA to USA will not be approved, but flying USA to CHINA to ENGLAND will be approved.

You need to remember that this is purely a transit before you reach your final destination. Trying to use this free visa as a holiday visa will simply mean you will be rejected at the airport.

Point 4

Be prepared with all the relevant documents. They will want a bit of information from you at immigration. They will ask for an address in China, but you can use your transit hotel’s address. Be prepared to have your fingerprints and facial image taken. Lastly, they will also want evidence of an onward flight from China, so have either your boarding pass – if it was issued – or a printout of your flight itinerary in hand.

Recommended day trips while transiting in China

Travel one oh one border
China Transit Visa
China Transit Visa

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