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You’re using banned hashtags!

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banned and blocked hashtags

Banned hashtags are common!

#besties #beautyblogger #desk – Blocked, blocked, blocked!

Did you know that

#newyears is one of the banned hashtags! So, forget about using that later this year! This means no one’s post with that hashtag will show up in the hashtag feed.

Hashtags are still so relevant and still remain one of the major ways that other accounts can discover you!

There are approximated 114,000 banned Instagram hashtags; some temporary, which means they may be used again and some permanent. The thing that makes it a little tricky is that Instagram has not officially released a complete list of banned hashtags. This means that it is so important to check any new hashtags before using them and regularly check your current hashtags to see if you’re using one that’s banned.

Now, before I cover how to check if your hashtags are banned, here is what could happen if you use banned hashtags.

  • Firstly, you’re wasting a hashtag spot in your post.
  • Secondly, if your hashtag is one of the highly banned hashtags, then all the hashtags in your post will not work.


  • Thirdly, if you continue to use a banned hashtag, then this will be considered spam, and you could have a shadowban put on your account.

A shadowban is when your Instagram hashtags become undiscoverable even when you are using the correct hashtags. Instagram shadowbans on accounts can last for a couple of weeks and generally get lifted.

Banned hashtag checker

Now, let me show you how to check if a hashtag is banned or blocked.

Go to your explore page and type in a hashtag you would like to use. If you can’t see it appear as a drop-down option, it’s a banned hashtag. If you can see it, tap the recent tab. If you see no images and a message from Instagram, then it’s a banned hashtag and should not be used.

So, I’ve made it a little easy and done a lot of research to create a huge list of banned hashtags that can be downloaded below. If you thought #desk was surprising, you will definitely want to download this!

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