Australian Drone Laws

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Drone Laws Australia
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Drone Laws Australia

Confused about the Australian Drone Laws?

If you are heading to Australia with a drone or you live here, you’ll want to know where or if you’re allowed to fly a drone.

We went through the Civil Aviation and Safety Authority ( to source some vital information that you’ll need to know.

Now before we get started, we’ll be covering drones that weigh less than 2kg. These include all the popular drones that you see travel bloggers or content creators use, such as the DJI Mavic or Spark.

Travelling with a drone

I have travelled with my drone to Europe, Asia, and bringing it back into Australia. I simply just put it in my checked luggage and, as per aviation laws, carried the lithium-ion batteries in my hand luggage.

Australian Drone laws

-Only fly one drone at a time.
-Make sure you can see your drone with your own eye at all times. This means only fly your drone during the day when there is no fog or heavy rain and not behind any buildings or trees that will obstruct your view.
– Do not fly it higher than 120 metres.
– You must fly the drone 30 metres away from people and definitely not above people.
– Do not fly closer than 5.5 km to a controlled aerodrome or airfield.
– Do not fly the drone in no drone areas. This includes the popular Sydney Harbour Bridge.

We highly recommend downloading the CASA drone app so that you’ll always know when and where you can fly your drone. Drone laws are taken very seriously in Australia and fines can be over $25,000.

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Travel one oh one border
Drone Laws Australia
Drone Laws Australia

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