35 travel tips that you would actually use!

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Travel tips that will make your next holiday seamless

We have the travel tips that are going to make traveling and flying for you much better

These are all tried and tested by us and we pretty much do this every time we travel!

 We have 35 to get though so let jump in!

Travel tip and hacks

1.Bring a collapsible bottle through security so you don’t waste your money and you can fill it up when your through!

2.Fill up that bottle when you’re on the plane, those tiny cups are simply not enough to keep you hydrated.

3.Get a luggage tag that hides personal information, safety is always important! You don’t want your address or anything else on display.

Try one of these luggage tags

4.Use online check in as soon as it opens so you can get the best possible seat.

5.Keep valuable items in your jacket pockets. This will also make it easy when going through security as all you need to do it take the jacket off.

6.Keep all cables in a sunglasses case. This will keep everything safe from being damaged.

7.Veer to the left at security as most people tend to go right.

8.Put cling wrap over your liquids in case they leak.

9.Once you go through security locate your gate so you’re not late and avoid rushing especially at the bigger airports.

10.Take a shopping bag through with you as you can fill it with heavy items if you think your carry on is overweight. They will most likely think you purchased it at the airport and likely won’t get weight.

11.If you have a handbag put heavy items that can fit in there, they generally don’t weight them

12.Purchase bright luggage or add a ribbon or luggage sleeve. Most people purchase dark or black luggage and you don’t want someone else to take yours home by accident.

Try one of these luggage sleeves

13.Add a fragile sticker to your luggage so there is a higher change your luggage won’t be thrown around.

14.Pack a power board or pug extender. Generally, you will have more than one thing to charge at once.

15.If you can’t find a USB charger, plug it into the back on one of the terminal TVs.

16.Take a picture of where you parked your car. Trust me after a long holiday you may forget!

17.Board last and you’ll be able to see where there are good seats available if you decide to move.

18.If there is no space in your overhead compartment find a space in front of you seat so when you leave the plane, you don’t have to go backwards to get your luggage.

19.If you’re a couple book an aisle and window. You have a higher chance of no one booking a middle seat.

20.Avoid the first few rows of each section. This is usually where families sit and it’s close to the lavatories so can get crowded.

21.Try and book a seat closest the wing as it’s generally less turbulent.

22.Also, morning flights known to be less turbulent.

23.Don’t forget to download all your shows to your phone, tablet or laptop before boarding.

24.Most credit cards have free lounge passes so check yours before flying.

25.Pack gum and chew it while taking off and landing to avoid blocked ears.

26.Wipe down that tray table, that’s what’s most likely going to make you sick as its hardly cleaned.

27.Pack toothbrush, toothpaste, facewash and moisturiser for long haul flights.

28.Trick your brain into sleeping by going through your bedtime routine on the flight, blush teeth, wash face etc….

29.Leave the air vent open as it helps circulate the air around you.

30.Take socks and a scarf onboard in case you get cold as they tend to keep the temperature low.

31.Wear a jumper with a hood or bring an eye mask to block the light.

Try one of these for plane confort

32.If you have an inflatable neck pillow don’t blow it all the way, when pressure changes it may explode.

33.Be WIFI prepared. Go to and get the username and passwords of the airports you’re transiting at.

34.If you have a long layover check out They list great places to sleep, things to do at the airport and so on.

35.Don’t book a Uber at the airport, walk just outside the airport to avoid surcharge.

Right we made it! Now, don’t forget to comment below which of these travel tips you will be using next or if you know one, we haven’t mentioned!

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