20 long haul flight tips – Never get BORED!

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Never get bored with these long haul flight tips!

I have flown over 100 flights and I know how boring it can get especially if you’re like me and struggle to fall asleep.

So I have come up with a list of activities that are realistic and won’t require you do bring much more in your carry on. These long haul flight tips will ensure you never get board!

flight interior

1. Have a drink: wine, beer, water, or have something to eat.

2. Read a book. If there is a book you’ve been keen on reading, save it for your flight. This also goes for magazines.

3. Start a Netflix series and watch it all the way through. Nothing makes time fly quickly than binge-watching!

4. Listen to a podcast. Just remember to download them to listen offline.

5. Play a game, such as a deck of cards, Uno, or download games to play on your phone.

Bring one of these card games onboard

6. Plan all the activities you will be doing at your travel destination. This is a perfect time to get an itinerary going for your trip. Some airlines also have videos about the destination in their inflight entertainment, so you can watch them for extra research.

7. Catch up on work/assignment. Not really the funnest long haul flight but there is not better time!

8. Download a language app and start to learn phrases from the country you’re arriving in.

9. Make a sheet mask so that you arrive fresh. This will also help you get relaxed in no time.

10. Walk around the plane and stretch.

11. Learn to meditate, no better time than now. There are lots of free apps for this as well.

12. Watch a movie or three!

13. Go to sleep if you can! This is the best idea to pass time.

14. Listen to music. Just make sure you download some offline if you are using an app like Spotify.

15. If you’re leaving a holiday destination, start writing down all your experiences and what you did.

16. Do a puzzle, such as a Sudoku or a crossword!

17. Bring a colouring book; this is also very relaxing if you’re a nervous flyer.

18. Organise all your computer and delete old files.

19. Delete all old or duplicate photos from your phone gallery. You will probably find some great photos you forgot about.

20. Delete apps on your phone you no longer use. You will be surprised how many old apps are still on there.

These might make your flight more comfortable

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