101 Gift ideas for travellers

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travel gift ideas

101 gift ideas!

I’m sure we can all agree that shopping for anyone can be difficult, but shopping for someone who is never in one place long enough to enjoy a gift can be extra difficult. Plus, with the added aspect of it needing to be practical because travellers don’t really have a lot of space to carry things with them. So, where do you even begin?Well, we have put together the ultimate gift guide for that traveller we all know!

We have covered gifts for everyone, whether you’re looking for a practical travel gift, something budget-friendly, or for someone who is about to set off on their first adventure.

This gift selection list will cover it all!

Blocking Passport Holder

Need to keep that passport in tip top shape!

Electric Toothbrush

Oral hygiene is so important!


It can get pretty cold in some places and a good pair of gloves will be a lifesaver!

Ear Plugs

If can get pretty noisy why travelling!

Tempered Glass

Great back up to have if they are always breaking their phone screen.


Socks will always be a useful and practical gift.

Amazon Gift Card

Everyone loves a gift card!

Pop Socket

Makes it so much easier to hold your phone.


A handy pen for filling in all those arrival and departure cards.

Bum Bag

Great storage for all money, passport and more!

Aeroplane Charm

Any travel lover would love this!

Lucas' Papaw Ointment

The best go to ointment for any burns, bites and more. Fixes everything!

Portable Charger

Keep everything charged on the go!

Shampoo Bars

For easy travel, no bottle spills.

Eye Mask

Perfect for flying, travel essential!

Folding Flex-Flops Foldable,

Essential for the communal showers.

Bottle Cap Opener

Because you’ll never know when you need one!

Travel Luggage Tags

Get them in a bright colour so you can always find your luggage

Dry Shampoo

Help them looking fresh!

The Blank Sudoku Workbook

Always a good idea to keep your mind busy!


Perfect for keeping your hair out of your face!

TSA Approved Luggage Locks

Always need to keep your luggage safe!

Waterproof Phone Case

Perfect for all the water adventures!

Tiger Balm

This stuff fixes everything!

Nail Wipes

Got to keep your nails them looking fresh!

Playing Cards

Perfect for passing time.

Headset Splitter

Movies and tv shows are always more enjoyable with a friend!

Selfie Stick

Every traveller needs one even if they say they don’t!

Travel Spice Kit

Sounds silly but they will be glad to have this when their eating backpacker budget meals!

Bra and Underwear Storage Bag

Great for keeping everything organised!

Microfiber Towel

Every traveller need this!

Portable Flashlight

Great for when you’re trying to find things in your bag in a hostel dorm room.

Travel Adapter

Perfect for using anywhere in the world.

Travel Electronics Organizer

Keeps all your cables together so the don’t get damaged.

Manicure Set

Compact and great to have on hand for any grooming.

Digital Luggage Scale

A must have to make sure your luggage is not too heavy.

Travel Watercolour Set

For all the Artist out there!

Travel Power Adapter Plug

For charging multiple devices.

Dry Bag

Keeps everything important dry.

Toothbrush Holder

If their in one place long enough (also, if their living in compact accomadation)

Compression Socks

For all the flying they will do!


For any one going camping! Don’t want them getting lost in the dark.

Throw Pillow

Great gift for the travel dreamer!

Travel Journal

For writing down all their adventures.

Lonely Planet's Wonders of the Worlds

Great read!

Packing Cubes

Keep your luggage nice and organise.

Heavy Duty Durable Laundry Bag

Everyone needs one!

Memory Card

For memories all those memories!


Multipurpose brach coverup!

Wet Wipes

When they have no time to shower.

Colouring Book

Best way to keep busy on long flights.

Travel Size Toiletry Bottles Set

Don’t lug around large bottles!


A lightweight travel tripod!

Reading Light

So they can read without waking up the entire hostel room.

Portable Speaker

Let  them play music where ever they go!


For every adventure seeker!

Morning Travel Cup

Everyone traveller need a fun mug for the morning!

Collapsible Water Bottle

Compact and easy to travel with.

Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover

For those rainy days.

Food Storage Container

To carry all their snacks around.

Hiking Compression Sack

Helps fit more in their rucksack.


For all those adventures!

Thermal Underwear

For those snow adventures!

Clothesline Drying Rope

Perfect for all these camping adventures!

Summer Cap

Everyone needs one in their bag!

Toiletry Bag

Keeps all your toiletries organised.

Wallet Phone Case

Handy for carrying your bank cards in!

DJI Mavic Series Portable Drone

For capturing all those moments from a birds eye view!

Puffy Jacket

For travelling all those cooler climates.

Fleece Jacket

Such a handy throw on!

Scratch Off World Map Poster

To mark off all their travel adventures.


Perfect to help capture all their travel moments.

Portable Drive

To back up all their files.

Laptop Sleeve

They will always need to keep their laptop safe.

Hiking Poles

For all the outdoor adventures.

Makeup Bag

A travel essential for anyone who wears makeup.

Sleeping Bag

Must have for any campers!

Travel Pillow

For all those long travel journeys

Hiking Boots

So they’re ready for all their hiking adventures.

World Map Puzzle

Because everyone loves a puzzel!

Yoga Pants

Perfect for travel days and  workouts.

Teavel Necklace

So they can wear their love for travel!

Hiking Daypack

Perfect lightweight backpack.

Canvas Shoes

The comfiest travel shoes!

Travel Blanket

Extra warmth for those chilly nights.

Wine Bottle Protection

So no bottles break in their luggage.

Travel Tote

Perfect for exploring the city!

Adjustable Cable Lock

Just a little extra security!

Kindle Paperwhite

Because books can weigh their luggage down.

Travel Sheet

Keep the bed bugs off!


Perfect for all those tropical island days!

Travel Shower Curtain

Have some travel inspiration in every room of their home.

Instax Mini 9 Camera

Capture all those moments on the go!

Camping Hammocks

Great for all their relaxing camping adventures!

Carry On Luggage

Everyone needs good luggage!

Waterproof camera

To capture those beach moments!

Ipad Mini

Handy and compact gadget!

Canon Powershot G7X Mark II

There is a reason why every travel blogger loves this!

Wheely backpack

Versatile backpack!

Cork Globe

Put a pin in all the places they have travelled.

Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Good tunes when travelling is always important.


101 gifts for travellers
101 gifts for travellers

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