10 reasons you’ll want to visit Kiev now

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Why you should Visit Kiev now before it changes

We visited Kiev not too long ago, and it was one of the most amazing, vibrant, and unique cities I have ever visited. So, I’m here to tell you 10 reasons you need to visit Kiev ASAP!

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1. Kiev is one of the cheapest cities in eastern Europe and some say the cheapest for tourist! I loved how far my money went, which meant for me that I was able to enjoy more expensive drinks, such as cocktails, and we were able to go out for every meal. Just to give you an idea, the average price of beer there is $1.

2. It has a Chernobyl. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to visit Kiev. To visit one of the most untouched places that have been frozen because the greatest nuclear disasters was a once-in-lifetime experience.

3. There are not many tourists, but being such a beautiful city, it will change quickly. So visiting their tourist sights, you never had to line up.

10 things to see in kiev

4. There is a lot of history still there, and it’s everywhere. If you’re interested in Soviet history, you will find it here.

5. It has some of the most unique architecture. It nearly has a Parisian vibe. One of the things I loved about walking down their wide grand streets was the colourful buildings, which has so much detail.

6. Their churches and cathedrals alone are a must-see especially St Michael’s golden-domed monastery. They have these amazing domes and are very colourful.

7.Their food was so comforting, especially as I was there in winter. The Ukrainian dishes you have to try are Borsch and Vareniki, which is sort of a dumpling.

8. The people are so nice! Although I did find communication a little difficult, I felt that Ukrainians really went out of their way to help as much as they could.

9. Along with Kiev’s colourful buildings and churches, they have an amazing street art scene with large bright murals painted throughout the city. There are apparently over 150 pieces painted by local and international artist.

10. This might not be for some, but I went during Winter because I wanted snow, and boy does it snow in this city!

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