Why an Air China flight is not for you

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Air China flying airline review

Air China flight rundown!

Now, I think it is fair to say Air China flight seams to get a lot of bad reviews!

Just to give you a brief understanding of the airline, it’s made up of approximately 360 aircraft, making it one of the biggest operators. They fly all across the globe, including unique destinations such as Havana.

Air China is the airline choice of their President. As you can imagine, this has made it a very popular airline for Chinese passengers, so it does cater for the majority.

So here is why you shouldn’t fly Air China

Firstly, they do have older aircrafts, and you may get one of these planes! Don’t always believe the images on their website or social media because you will most likely get one of their older planes. Their newer planes do exist, but it’s not guaranteed you will get one. Even with prestigious airlines that I have also flown, I have been on older planes. Most airlines will operate their planes for decades with slight interior updates, so please be mindful.

Their inflight entertainment options are mostly Chinese. I’m not going to lie, I did find their entertainment selection lacking on western varieties, but if you can come prepared with entertainment options downloaded on your phone or tablet, you will be fine.

Meal can be a struggle for some, especially if you do not like Asian cuisine. For example, breakfast may be rice or noodles. They do have a western option, but on a couple of my flights, I missed out.

One of the most common review points on an Air China flight is value for money. You do get what you pay for on an economy ticket, so make sure your service expectations are realistic.

They have a good selection of inclusive wine, beer, and other beverages, 23kg checked baggage, and their lavatories are consistently cleaned throughout the flight.

So, if meals and beverages, décor, and inflight entertaining selection are important to you, I think this airline may not be for you.

Will I fly them again?

Absolutely, they are really great value for money, good customer service and as a passenger I felt extremely safe during my flight, which is important to me.

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