What you can and can’t bring into Australia

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dont bring into australia

What you can't bring into Australian!

Arriving into a new country can be pretty intimidating at the airport, especially if you’re unsure if you have any prohibited item in your luggage. So, whether you’re moving to Australia or returning home from a holiday, we’re going to clarify the main things that you can’t bring into Australia.

Agricultural items

Not all agricultural items are allowed into Australia. Agricultural items include animal bones and teeth, feathers, wooden souvenirs and shells, to name a few. This also includes taking personal items out of Australia and bringing them back in, such as a feather pillow or shell jewellery. Agricultural items that have been treated are generally allowed, but it’s important to declare them to avoid fines.


Generally, food products that have been commercially packaged and prepared such as pasta, confectionery, and coffee are okay, but anything fresh such as meat, fruit, or seafood should not be brought in and can hold huge fines. I would personally avoid food products. I will provide in the description the link of a website to clarify in more details what food products can be brought in as you are planning on this.


Any prescription medication is generally allowed into Australia as long as it’s for yourself, and you can get a doctor’s certificate. Any recreational drugs and marijuana is prohibited from being brought into Australia.

Alcohol and Cigarettes

If you are over the age of 18, you are allowed to bring in 25 grams of tobacco as loose leaf or cigarettes, and only 2.25 litres of alcohol.


There is no limit to how much money you bring into Australia, but if you are carrying $10,000 or more, this is a combined value of Australian and foreign currency, you must declare it, or it can be confiscated. This is purely because carrying money across borders can be considered a money-laundering technique.

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dont bring this into Australia
dont bring this into Australia

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