Travel Guide: Cost, sleep and what do in Kiev

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You’ve decided to visit Kiev, now what to do?

Initially, I was only going to Kiev to visit Chernobyl, but ended up falling in love with the city. Here’s the rundown and a list of what do to in Kiev, one of the most beautiful cities I have visited in Eastern Europe.

Cathedral church Ukraine kiev

The residents of Kiev are extremely friendly, although communication was a little difficult for us. We did find a lot of Kiev residents were not able to speak English, which did make small things such as ordering food, getting from the metro station or taxis interesting, but no more difficult than other non-English speaking countries.

Is Kiev expensive?

Ukraine has its own currency called Hryvnia, which can easily be withdrawn from local ATMs or converted ideally from Euros or USD. Kiev is a relatively cheap city to visit when you compare it to the rest of Eastern and Western Europe. For example, a bottle of beer in Rome is 4 euro, and an average price for a bottle of beer in Kiev is 1.4 euro. We definitely found eating out at local Ukrainian resturants really affordable, which was a real treat because their local cuisine is delicious. Our dinners were the most expensive meals for us and would generally cost us around 20 to 25 euros for a 3-course meal, but you can easily have a nice budget meal for 5 – 7 euros.

Accommodation in Kiev

Kiev city at night

When it comes to accommodation, just like anywhere in Europe, you can find budget and expensive hotels. We stayed in close to the main square in an apartment-style hotel that cost approximately 60 euro a night, and it was beautiful! It had a unique entry that was original to the building, and the room was very modern and had a sauna. We visited in Winter, so having a sauna in the room was perfect. Hotels range from 5 to 10 euros for a 1 to 2-star room, 10 to 50 euro for a 3 to 4-star room, and 50 to 100 euro on average for a 5-star room.

These will make travel in Kiev more comfortable

So, what's it like?

Kiev is full of wide streets and grand buildings, full of details and colour, which was a complete surprise to us. It’s known as the city of domes, and you can definitely see why! The city has many beautiful cathedrals and churches, and we definitely a must see! It’s worthwhile visiting them as they look very different from churches and cathedrals in the rest of Europe.

Cathedral church Ukraine kiev
Cathedral church Ukraine kiev

The ones we would recommend are: Saint Andrews Church, which completed construction in 1747 and boasts beautiful green and gold details; Saint Sophia Cathedral is one of the city’s best-known landmarks and the first heritage site in Ukraine; and Saint Michaels Monastery, which is still a functioning monastery in Kiev  and can’t be missed with its light-blue exterior and gold domes.

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