Travel Advice: Travelling to a foreign country

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Travel one oh one border
travel a foreign country

Make travelling to a foreign country a little easier!

So if you’re planning on visiting a foreign country where you don’t speak their language, then you’re in the right place. Although travelling creates fun and unique experiences, language barriers may be stressful and could possibly dampen the trip. Being prepared is the only way to overcome the commutation barriers, and we have some great tips that will help.

These will make travelling a littler easier

Book an airport transfer

The moment when you arrive in a new foreign country after a long flight, the airport can be really stressful, and you just want to get to your hotel. In some countries, you may even be bombarded at the airport by strangers offering you a ride, or on the other hand, you go for the taxi option and end up at the wrong hotel. The best way to handle this is to organise a transfer. These are simple to book online, or you can email your hotel to organise one for you.

Download offline maps

If you can’t be connected to the internet all the time, offline will make it extremely easy to get around the city. A lot of them will also allow you to pin important location, such as your hotel so you can always find your way back.

Use a translator app

I personally love the Google translate app, and I especially found it handy when I was in South Korea and Ukraine. As I don’t eat certain foods, I was able to translate a lot of the menu before ordering.

Use the Uber app to get around

Need I say anymore! It’s so handy, especially if you find it hard to pronounce foreign street names.

Use hand gestures

Pointing or miming! Hand gestures are the international way of communicating. Just be patient, and you’ll be able to mime out what you’re trying to say.

Learn some basic phrases

Just learning the essentials will help a lot more than you think. We suggest having these memorised. Hello, Goodbye, Thank You, Where Is, Help, Toilet, I’m Lost, and Train Station.

These will make travelling a littler easier

Travel one oh one border
foreign country
Travel one oh one border

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