Tigerair Australia review (avoid extra fees at the airport)

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Avoid extra fees with Tigerair Australia

SO, you’re here because you’re considering flying with Tiger Airways. Like all low-cost carriers, their flights are relatively cheap to start off with, and if you’re not careful, it can quickly skyrocket with extras.

Just to give you a rundown; Tiger Airways is an Australian low-cost carrier that has been operating in Australia for over 10 years and has flown over 30 million passengers in that time. Although it’s a popular airline, it does get its fair share of mixed reviews, lots of unhappy passengers, but also lots of satisfied passengers.

Tiger air fees airline

Regardless of the reviews, we’re going to give you the rundown so you can prepare for a Tiger flight and have a 5-star experience.

Their check-in is very well organised, and there are no fees for checking in at the airport. This is perfect for passengers who don’t have access to a mobile or computer. This is really great as some low-cost carriers can charge a hefty fee if you check-in at the airport.

They have a strict carry-on luggage allowance, which is 7kg, and there is a good chance your bag will be weighed while boarding at the gate. If your bag is over, there will be a charge of 20 – 90 AUD fee, so please bear this in mind.

The boarding process was easy, but like most low-cost airlines, the overhead compartment gets full quickly, so try and board first.

These will make your flight more comfortable

Now, let’s talk inflight.

Firstly, Tigerair Australia meal prices were in line with other airlines’ prices, drinks were $3 up and snacks from $3.50. I found everything on the inflight menu available. The seats were slightly closer together, so legroom was a little tight, and this might be an issue if you are taller or prefer extra legroom. Upon visiting the lavatories, I did find that they were well maintained throughout the flight.

SO overall, would I fly with them? Yes, I would.

As a low-cost carrier, their ticket prices really reflect what you get. The flight was on time for me, the prices of the meals were in line with other airlines, and the lavatories were kept clean throughout the flight.

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