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What do your Instagram stories analytics mean

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Everything you need to know about Instagram Stories Analytics!

So, if you want to learn how people or the unique number of instagram accounts are discovering your stories or when exactly your followers are leaving your stories, then you’ve landed on the right page!

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Interactions will show you how many unique accounts interacted with your instagram story post, such as:

– Replies to your images, such as a DM (Direct Message) to your profile
– Home many unique users visited your profile because of the post
– The number of users visit your website
– Sticker clicks if you had any stickers such as tagging another account or shoppable stickers (if  you’re a business selling a product)

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This information is particularly important to view, especially if you have any Instagram story ads giveaway, trying to direct users from your story to your feed or selling an item. You can use this measure to figure out ways of improvement, such as giving them a direction like an arrow to swipe up (if you have unlocked the 10k feature) or higher quality or more thought-out content.

The first number you will see in this section will be the reach – the number of unique users that saw your instagram story post. Then right below that is impressions, the number of times this post made impressions. Impressions will always be higher than reach.

Below this is the navigation. This is definitely something that should be looked at with high consideration! Here you will see how users interacted with your stories. You can see how many people went back to view it again, move forward or left your story chain completely. This could be the result of the viewer possibly losing interest, or maybe you had too many story posts.

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This tab shows you which exact users have viewed your post; whether it was discovered with a hashtag or location sticker.

For example, if you use the #travel hashtag to describe your story post, you will see how many user accounts viewed your story post because of it.

This information is only available for 24 hours, so make sure you make an effort to check as it’s very important to see how your account is being discovered.

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