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Understand Social Media Slang

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Do you understand social media slang

If your target social media users are millennials you need to be able to speak like them, or at least understand the social medial slang that they use to communicate online. It’s all about being relatable right? Just to back step a moment, in case you didn’t know millennials are the generation of children born between 1982 and 2002.

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So whether it’s Instagram, YouTube or Twitter here are our interpretations on millennial social media phrases you need to familiarise yourself with if you want to keep up with the millennials.

Millennial social media phrases

Bump or Bumped is usually a comment left on a post in order to keep it towards the top of the feed. The more comments on an image or post, the longer it will stay at the top because it’s considered more relevant or trending. You will most likely come across this slang on Facebook.

To be honest, is pretty straight forward and one of the more commonly used social media acronyms.

In my opinion or in my humble opinion, is fast becoming a common acronym on social media sites today due to the fact that almost everyone online nowadays is highly opinionated.

Please find attached. IMO this is really office terminology that is now being used quite frequently on social media feeds. I first noticed this on Facebook when people were posting an image with a comment e.g.  “PFA my Bea”.

Your significant other. Yes, this is actually a thing…

If someone is going to “Kickass” at something they would use the word slay.

Throwback Thursday. Usually an older image that is shared on a Thursday.

This is a “Direct Message” that is only visible between two users, essentially taking the conversation offline. This is mostly seen on Instagram.

To sum it up, you should always know your audiences voice and be relatable. It’s also important to not just throw around social media slang for the sake of it if it doesn’t align with your brand.

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