"Why you might fly with them?"

I recently took a Ryanair flight from Barcelona to Edinburgh. Ryanair is an Irish low-cost airline with a fleet of 443 aircraft. It’s one of the biggest airlines that fly throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

As you’re only allowed one small bag that you can store under a seat, we booked a priority ticket. This allowed us to have priority boarding, checked luggage, and to bring on a standard carry-on bag that can be put in the overhead compartment. As most travellers rarely travel with one small bag, at least 90% of the flight was priority boarding.

As expected with low-cost carriers, the seats were a little uncomfortable, and we had slightly less legroom, but most flights are only a couple of hours across Europe. It’s not too bad.

Overall, I didn’t mind flying Ryanair as you are really getting what you paid for. The flight felt safe, aircraft interior appeared well-maintained, and toilets were clean.

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