Jetstar VS Tigerair – Australia’s low cost Airlines

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Australian low cost airlines
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Australian low cost airlines

Which low-cost airline should you fly?

Today, we’re going to give you a detailed overview of two of Australia’s most popular low-cost airlines, Jetstar and Tigerair. Although both airlines seem to get a lot of mixed reviews as you can see, they have been operating in Australia for more than ten years, and most Australians have flown at least one, if not both of them at some point.

Now, before we start comparing, I’ll run through a few stats on both airlines.
Tigerair flies to 12 destinations, while Jetstar flies to 21 destinations in Australia.
– They both have the “Buy Now, Pay Later” option. Jetstar has Afterpay, and Tigerair has Zippay.
– Their flights are both known to be very affordable, as you will usually see these two airlines pop up at the top of most searches.

Online check-in options

I checked in with both airlines online, and when I arrived at the airport, they both had an easy-to-use kiosk with a self-bag drop. Both times, this was seamless, as I hardly had any wait time to use kiosk or bag drop, and there were enough staff to assist.

Checked baggage

With most low-cost carriers, you will start off with the basic fair and add things on as you go. I added on 15kg for both airlines, as I knew that if I were over at the gate, I would pay more than double. Besides, you can add luggage at a later date if you change your mind or forgot to add it on when purchasing the ticket.

Carry on

There is a maximum of 7kg allowed for both airlines, and both airlines weighed my luggage before I boarded. Any passenger whose luggage weighs over 7kg, on both airlines, will have to pay additional fees.

Flight interior

The flight interior for both planes was well-maintained and modern. The legroom was sufficient for both flights.


The lavatories were kept clean on both flights. They were small, but what you would expect on a small domestic-size plane.

Menu options

Both flight menus were similar in price, although I discovered that Jetstar has a few more items on their menu.

So, as you can see, there isn’t too much of a difference, in my opinion, and I would have no problem flying either again. As a budget traveller, I would choose the airline that has a cheaper flight at the time of booking.

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Australian low cost airlines

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