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Increase blog traffic with Tailwind

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It actually will increase blog traffic, like turning on a TAP!

Tailwind has been one of the best and safest automation platforms I have come across in such a long time. It actually will increase blog traffic.

Just using their free trial, you’re guaranteed to see blog traffic results! It connects all four of the main platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest with one click and works with what they call “Tailwind Tribes,” which is one of the best online communities that actually promotes each other pins SAFELY!

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Using their trial will give you 100 free pins with access to their tailwind tribes and 30 free Instagram posts. Just with this, you are guaranteed to see an increa in blog traffic!

Follow these steps to set it up and start generating traffic.

Sign up for you free Tailwind trail - No Credit Card required and you can follow along

Step one

After signing up, click on the three-people icon and find a tribe. After this, scroll down and select the Tailwind tribes that are in your blog or industry you and “Request To Join.”

Step two

Head to “Publisher,” then “Drafts.” Here, you will upload your Pinterest images and update your pinning schedule. If you click on the “Add/Remove time slots” button, you will be able to add more time slots for your pins. The amazing thing about Tailwind is that it always recommends the most optimal times to Pin where you will get the highest engagement.

After you decided on all your pinning schedules, head back to your draft post and start scheduling to Pinterest.

Simply start typing your board names, enter the description, check the Twitter icon to post on Twitter and check the flag icon to post on your Facebook page. Below that, you will be able to add the content you want to be posted on Facebook.

Next, you will be able to finally add it to your tribes! Simply select the tribe, and you’re ready to schedule.

Tailwind will automatically add it to your scheduled pins at the most optimal time to receive the highest engagement!

As I mentioned before, Tailwind is the most powerful tool I have used to generate real traffic to my blog, and I can’t recommend it highly enough! If you are considering using it even for the free trial to drive more traffic, I would do it, as even with the free trial, you are guaranteed to see an increase in results!

Sign up for you free Tailwind trail - No Credit Card required!
PROVEN way to generate real blog traffic

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