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How to transit through Shanghai Airport

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Be prepared for a transit through Shanghai Airport!

If you’ve booked a flight and will be transiting through Shanghai Pudong Airport for a connecting flight, then this is for you! I’m sure we have all heard or read about passenger experiences where they get confused on where they need to go or the large amount of finger and facial scans they need to be done to get to the connecting flight. Well, it’s all true. Hence, we’ll run you through the process of getting a connecting flight through Shanghai Airport, so it makes sense, and you know what to expect when you arrive.

Firstly, when you are checking in for your flight, you will need to make sure your luggage has been tagged all the way to your final holiday destination. If your luggage is not tagged correctly or taged untill Shanghai Airpot, you will need to apply for the free transit visa on arrival to collect your luggage and re-check in.

Secondly, you will get fingerprinted, passport scanned, and facial scanned as soon as you depart the plane at Shanghai Airport. This will not be the only time as well.

After this, follow the signage for international transfers, and this will take you to luggage screening. I have done this airport screening process a couple of times, and it has always been the most lengthy and busiest part. There is, however, a fast line if you’re running late for your connecting flight. I did discover they were very strict with the passenger’s carry on luggage and, unfortunately, I once had my power bank confiscated, which I am still a little unsure why as I was allowed to initially  board with it on my first flight.

Lastly, you will go through immigration again for the last time before you can go to your gate, and they will scan your passport and fingerprint, facial-scan you, and check your boarding ticket.

Once you’re through, Shanghai Pudong Airport has everything you need. You will find charging stations, restaurants with Western and Asian options, duty-free and free WI-FI. Locating your gate is easy, as they have sufficient signage as well.

Overall, I did find the process lengthy, especially the scanning and fingerprinting multiple times. But at the end of the day, this security is also for the passenger’s safety.

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how to transit in shanghai

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