How to Avoid Extra Fees on Jetstar

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jetstar review
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Is Jetstar good value for money

Is Jetstar good value for money?

Jetstar is one of Australia’s most popular domestic airlines. They have been operating low-cost flights in Australia since 2004 and has 5000 flights a week. Now, I think it’s fair to say that Jetstar is not immune to negative reviews, just like a lot of other low-cost carriers.

Although comfort and interior are mostly a personal preference or opinion, we want to cover the other point, which is value for money and how you can keep your flight price as low as possible. As we know, not realising all the little extras add-on can make the flight expensive.

When you’re looking at booking with Jetstar, they offer a handy “Buy Now, Pay Later” option for their customers for flights under $1,200. There is a small surcharge, but the flight only needs to be paid off over 8 weeks. What this means is that if you see a great deal, snap it up now and pay it off before you go.

They also offer a price beat where, if you find a lower comparable fare online, they will beat it down by 10%!

Another way you can save money is by not having checked luggage, but if you do need checked luggage, book it when you book your ticket. If you do change your mind, you can add on luggage later, but the cheapest time to do it will be when you book your flight.

As we mentioned earlier, booking luggage when you book your flight will give you the best value for your money because if you overpack, you will be charged a lot when you get to the gate. And from personal experience from every one of my Jetstar flights, my carry-on luggage is always weighed. You’re only allowed 7kg in total.

During the flight, Jetstar offers a great selection of snacks and drinks. They also serve combo meal deals that have warm or cold food items and a drink averaging around $10. Although prices might seem high, as we know, aeroplane meals can be expensive, and their prices are in line with most domestic flights in Australia.

Overall, when it comes to values for money, Jetstar is a great low-cost carrier. If you add luggage on when you book, take advantage of their “Buy Now, Pay Later” option. If you spot a sale and go as far as to use their price beat guarantee, you can definitely make your next Jetstar flight extremely good value for money.

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Is Jetstar good value for money
jetstar review

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