Don’t do this! London travel advice

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dont do this in london

London travel advice you need!

So, this is your first trip to London! It’s one of the biggest cities in the UK, and because of this, you can easily get swept up and make avoidable mistakes. Here are all the common things that you need to know to make sure you DON’T do during your London travel.

Don’t forget to tap off on your oyster or contactless card

London travel can get expensive on the tube, as it is important to remember to tap on and off, so you don’t get charged any penalty fairs.

Don’t forget to look right

Traffic comes from the right in London! Although we get told to look left and right before crossing the road, it’s easy to get confused out of habit as some countries, such as the United States, traffic comes from the left.

Don’t just eat at pubs

Although pub food is delicious and a lot of tourist will be visiting London for the Sunday roast, don’t just east at pubs. London has a huge international food scene with different cuisines available from all over the world. In particular, they are known for their Indian cuisine.

Don't forget to pack these!

Don’t just stay in London

Although London can keep you extremely busy for weeks, there is so much to see just outside of London. There are a lot of great day trips, such as Windsor Castle or Stone Henge.

Don’t stand on the Left-Hand Side of an escalator

The underground moves at a very fast pace. Standing on the left-hand side will stop the flow of passengers wanting to walk up the escalators. If you’re standing on the left, you will know pretty quickly that you’re in the wrong with a few annoying comments.

Don’t forget to buy tickets online for museums and main sights

By doing this, it will save you a lot of time, and some of the sights will give you an online price, which can save you a bit of money as well.

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Dont do this in london
Dont do this in london

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