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BEST tips for international travel!

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international travel tips
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Hacks and tips for international travel

Flying internationally is so very different to flying domestics. From changing climates, packing more for longer trips to preparing your body for the long flight, extra airport screening, you name it! So, we put together a list of tips and hacks just for international flights!

1. Check your passport to make sure you have enough spare pages, and it’s not expired.

2. Roll everything in your luggage, it will save space, and you’ll be able to pack more.

3. If flying from a warm place to a cold place, wear your heavy items such as a jacket. It will save space in your luggage.

4. Pack an international converter plug. There’s nothing worse than looking for one when you arrive.

5. Pack a power board; you will be charging more than one device at a time.

6. Download offline maps for the country you’re arriving in.

7. Download an offline currency converter app.

8. Download your favourite shows to your phone or tablet. It’s too late once you are on the plane.

9. Do online check-in as soon as possible to get the best seat.

10. Have your hotel address translated into that country’s language you’re going to.

11. If you’re leaving your car at the airport, make sure you take a picture of where you parked.

12. Mark your bag as fragile; they will most likely be a bit gentler with it.

13. Add a brightly coloured ribbon or tag to your bag so that you can easily locate it on the carousel belt.

14. Keep all valuable items in your jacket pocket. It will make it quicker going through security.

15. Pack a pen. You’ll need to fill in landing cards and departure cards.

16. Chew gum during take-off to avoid your ears getting blocked.

17. Carry on some toiletries, such as a toothbrush and toothpaste. You’ll definitely want to brush your teeth on long flights.

18. Bring on a jumper and socks. Long flights can get a little chilly after a while.

19. Bring on comfort items, such as a neck pillow, eye mask, and compression socks.

20. Fill in your landing card on the flight so you can quickly go through customs.

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