Airport outfit ideas – What you should wear!

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Airport outfits

An airport outfit that makes sense!

If you’re an experienced flyer, then you will know that just looking cute in an airport outfit can also mean being really uncomfortable on a flight, especially if it’s a long-haul flight. Long haul flights can get pretty cold, and you’ll likely find yourself in an awkward position trying to fall asleep sitting.

So, we have put together the ultimate checklist on how to dress practically to make sure your long-haul flight is as comfortable as possible.


Aeroplanes are known for being cooler, so an airport outfit with layers that you can add and remove to keep you warm and manage your temperature is essential. Make sure one of those layers is a jumper or sweatshirt. Preferably one with a hood, so you can pull it over your eyes.

Large warm Scarf

Scarfs are great as an additional blanket or to cover your eyes and block out the light.

Loose-fitting clothing

Clothing that will flow over your body and won’t restrict you are important. It will easily allow you to curl up in your seat.

Trousers that stretch

Activewear is a great bet for this, as they have minimal stitching and an elastic waistband, making them extra comfortable. Stiffer fabrics, such as denim, can be quite restricting and – after a few hours – you’ll be pretty uncomfortable.

Comfortable footwear

Lace-up or slip-on shoes are a great idea, and they give you a little extra room, especially if your feet swell up from flying. Avoid tight shoes or high heels.


Just going back to the fact that aeroplanes can be really cold, taking an extra pair of socks is a great idea. Also, consider compression socks for extra circulation.

Natural breathable fabrics

Wearing breathable fabrics, such as wool, cotton, or linen, will also help regulate your temperature properly and allow your body to breath. This will also help you feel fresher on the flight as you’ll again be able to control your body’s temperature so that you won’t overheat and sweat.

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Airport outfits
Airport outfits

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