2 Star Airline – Ukraine International Airlines review

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SO, you’re booking or have booked a flight with Ukraine international airline

I flew them from Kyiv to Barcelona, which was approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. Not knowing what to expect when booking flights with Ukraine international airlines, especially as the reviews were not very positive, I went in open minded.

Ukraine international airline

Being a fairly large international airline with a fleet of 39 aircraft and flying between eight domestic and over 40 international destinations, I thought I should give UIA a go, especially as it’s not a very long flights.  I looked beyond the negative passenger reviews and focused on the any “value for money” Ukraine international airlines review.

Now, if you are planning on flying UIA, they have a few strict rules when it comes to their check-in process. If you have an Economy Class ticket with UIA and have not printed out your boarding pass or downloaded it on your mobile phone, they will charge you 15 EURO to have your boarding pass printed at the check-in desk.

Carry-on luggage allowance is 7kg. Our luggage was weighed at the gate, and they seem very strict on the 7kg as we did see some passengers being charged at the gate. Our flight included 23kg checked luggage, but I don’t think it was included with all tickets.

These will make your flight more comfortable

The flight décor was slightly dated, but did look maintained. Meals are not included but there was service in flight to purchased meals and drinks during your flight. I found their meal prices for snacks, sandwiches, and drinks very similar to Ryanair or most other low-cost carriers. Also, I found their cabin space and leg room very generous.

If you’re planning to book UIA, you need to be mindful that you are going to get what you pay for and adjust your standards accordingly especially based on the many passenger Ukraine international airlines review. When I booked this flight, I factored in all the reviews, cost of flight, and safety, and felt it was a very good value for money. But if you’re a traveller that prefers an airline that has higher quality meals and aircraft décor, I don’t think this airline is for you.

Overall, I will be very happy and would actually fly UIA again.

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