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10 things do in transit at Shanghai airport

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what to do at shanghai airport
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shanghai airport

Keep busy at Shanghai Airport

If you have a transit coming up at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, then you’re in the right place! Whether you have a long layover coming up or you have a few hours to kill, we’re going to run through 10 things you can do at Shanghai Airport to pass the time and keep busy!

Souvenir shopping

Even though technically you didn’t go into China to explore, you can have a wander around all the souvenir and gift stores. You’ll also be able to pick up some Chinese snacks if you would like to try some different food.


They have a lot of popular alcohol, makeup, perfume, jewellery, or handbag brands in their duty-free stores, so you’ll definitely be able to keep busy shopping.

Charge all your electronic devices

If you used up all your devices’ batteries on your first flight, this is the perfect time to find one of the multiple changing stations and recharge all your devices.

Chill out in one of these relaxing pods

They have a few relaxing pods at the airport. They’re big enough for you to bring your luggage in and relax before your next flight. You will need to pay to use them.

These will make your flight more comfortable

Grab a meal

If aeroplane food didn’t cut it for you, there’s good news. Shanghai Airport has a reasonable selection of places to eat, including Western and Asian options.

Browse the internet

Free WI-FI is available at the airport. To access it, you will either need a Chinese phone number or get a WI-FI ticket from one of their Wi-Fi ticking kiosks that are easily located throughout the airport. Once you’re online, I’m sure you will be able to keep busy browsing the internet for a few hours.

Chill out in an airport lounge

If you don’t already have access to a lounge, you can actually pre-book a pass to enter one. Their prepaid lounges will have showers, meals, and a good place to relax before your next flight.

Watch the planes take off and land

Probably one of my favourite things to do. Grab a coffee and find a spot with a good view!

Find a quiet spot to do some work

The airport is quite large, with a lot of seating everywhere. So if you have some work to do, why not use it to kill some time.

Grab a drink

The airport has a few bars and restaurants that you’ll be able to grab a wine or beer before your next flight.

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what to do at shanghai airport

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